sMedio TrueLink+

sMedio TrueLink+

Access your multimedia library through Metro's interface


  • Watch videos
  • Listen to music files
  • Browse digital image files
  • Includes thumbnail previews


  • Navigating between different types of content can be tricky

Very good

The sMedio TrueLink+ Metro app lets you enjoy your multimedia content within the Windows 8 interface.

Big multimedia viewers need an app that'll give them easy access to all the content on their PC's hard drive. sMedio TrueLink+ aims to let you do just that, all with convenient integration into Windows 8.

Watch videos, listen to music, and browse digital image files all from within the Windows 8 interface with sMedio TrueLink+. The app gives you nice looking thumbnail previews of videos and digital images so you have a good idea of what you'll be viewing when you click on one. Organization is entirely dependent on how you've arranged your own multimedia collections though, of course.

The nice thing about sMedio TrueLink+ is that you can also browse and play your multimedia content on HomeNetwork Devices.

Unfortunately, browsing from one type of media to another could use a bit of improvement to make it more intuitive.

sMedio TrueLink+ is a convenient way to watch multimedia files from within the Windows 8 interface.

sMedio TrueLink+


sMedio TrueLink+

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